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  • Breakaway Investor

    Be a Self-Directed Investor with Help from Independent Financial Consultants



  • A Breakaway Investor is an individual that wants to fire his advisor and be a self-directed investor (taking responsibility for decision making and trading); but also wants to employ trustworthy and independent specialists for insight and support.


    Many people find themselves trapped in one of the following situations:


    ·        As a client of an advisor, you have come to realize that they have exaggerated their investing prowess.  Their high fees are not proving to be a good value and communication is poor.


    ·       As a self-directed investor, you experience service and advice from your discount broker which is overly sales oriented and cookie-cutter (cannot be customized for your situation).  It is hard to find a consistent person to trust.


    You are an industrious professional that has added a lot of value to society.  You are smart and capable of building, monitoring, and implementing an investment strategy.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have an independent voice with experience and insight to lean on?


    At Burnside and Company, we are champions of Breakaway Investors.  We are uniquely structured to be able to create a service package that fits your specific needs.

  • What are the Pros and Cons of being a Self-Directed Investor?

    Pros Cons
    Avoiding asset-based management feesCan be time-consuming
    No longer being subjected to slugish performanceThe amount of information available is overwhelming
    Ditching services being paid for but not usingHaving a sense of isolation
    Obtaining a sense of empowerment and confidencePsychologically challenging during market upheaval

    A Breakaway Investor can hire Burnside and Company to accentuate the benefits and greatly reduce the disadvantages of being a self-directed investor.

  • Forging a New Direction for Self-Directed Investors

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