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Investment Management

Maintain Oversight of Your Advisor

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  • Burnside OS™

    Burnside Oversight System

  • Burnside and Co. builds, implements, and monitors a prudent investment process on behalf of our clients.

    A disciplined and continuous system helps assure the realization of financial goals.

    We discuss important components of the Burnside OS process with clients every quarter. In addition, we always concentrate on the critical task of prudently managing investment portfolios.

    Flat Fee Pricing Model

    We estimate how many hours a month it will take to run a client’s specific investment portfolio and financial needs through the Burnside OS system. We then charge an annual flat fee based on this estimation.

  • Burnside OS Process
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    John Burnside, AIF® PPC®

    Burnside and Co.

    Registered Investment Advisor

    312 NW 10th Avenue, Suite 200

    Portland, OR 97209



    Burnside OS Process
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