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Financial Stewardship

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Delegate Investment Responsibility but Retain Oversight

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  • Industrious Professionals and Executives


    Individuals and couples that have excelled in their professions and businesses

    You are very capable of managing your investments and utilizing online retirement planning software. However, you see the value in delegating this responsibility and getting a second opinion from a fiduciary advisor so that you can focus on other things. Yet, as a Steward of your financial destiny, you want to have oversight of the process.

    We work with people that want to delegate investment management responsibilities to a fiduciary advisor but still have oversight of the process.
  • Enterprising Small Businesses


    We help small companies build and manage retirement plans that are both efficient and powerful.

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    John Burnside, AIF® PPC®

    Burnside and Co.

    Registered Investment Advisor

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