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Investment Management

Maintain Oversight of Your Advisor

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  • What Makes Us Different?

    • We Are Obsessed With Being A Fiduciary for Our Clients
    • Being a fiduciary means always acting in the best interest of clients and properly caring for their assets. Our mission is to create an Investment Advisory firm that is recognized as the most conflict-free in the industry. In addition, we aspire to be a leading expert on writing, evaluating, and monitoring Investment Policy Statements (business plans for how investors will reach their goals). The end game is our clients receive a world-class experience and Burnside and Co. becomes nationally recognized for fiduciary excellence.

    • We Are A Flat Fee Only Advisor
    • The standard Asset Under Management (AUM) fee model that most registered investment advisors use, has several problems. It is susceptible to conflicts-of-interest, overcharging, and inappropriate billing.

      As a result, Burnside and Co. has formulated a:

      Flat Fee Pricing Model

      Our unique model greatly improves upon the shortcomings of the industry norm.

    • We Welcome Oversight From Our Clients
    • We work with people that want to delegate investment management responsibilities to a fiduciary advisor but still have oversight of the process.

      We specialize in building, implementing, and monitoring a prudent investment process. A disciplined and continuous system helps assure the realization of financial goals.

      Our proprietary process is called:

      Burnside OS (Burnside Oversight System™)

      Every quarter we highlight a distinct investment fiduciary concept with our clients that helps them with their oversight role. In addition, we constantly focus on the critical task of diligently managing client investment portfolios.

  • Contact Us

    John Burnside, AIF® PPC®

    Burnside and Co.

    Registered Investment Advisor

    312 NW 10th Avenue, Suite 200

    Portland, OR 97209



    Burnside OS Process
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